Coffee has been around since 800AD, but many people still don’t know how to get the best out of their beans. Brewing the perfect cup takes time and care

Freshness – Keep coffee in a dark airtight container at room temperature. Buy freshly roasted beans every two weeks to fully retain the delicate flavours released by the roasting process.

Flavour – To extract the full flavour, grind the coffee appropriately for the brewing method. Coarse grind cafetiére coffee which is in contact with the water for 4 minutes, whereas a fine grind is required for the 22-30 second espresso.

Water – Filtered water maintains the purity of the coffee flavour. Brew at between 88 and 92 ˚C; too hot and it will burn the coffee, too cold and it cannot adequately extract its full flavour. With cafetiére coffee, cover the grounds and stir, then pour in the remaining water.

Proportions – The classic recipe for cafetiére coffee is 14-16 grams ground coffee per 180ml water. For espresso, use 7 grams per shot. Remember taste is subjective; you may prefer your cup a different strength.