Over a third of UK coffee drinkers consider milk a crucial component to the perfect cup of coffee, according to new research released today.

The study, conducted by premium coffee roasters, Andronicas, revealed that 34% of coffee drinkers consider the type and volume of milk added as crucial to their perfect cup of coffee.

Founder of Andronicas, Andrew Knight, commented: “We know that the type and volume of milk added to coffee impacts its flavour, but how many coffee lovers consider the impact of the milk’s temperature on their perfect brew?

“Calibrated milk thermometers have been relied upon by coffee shop chains for many years, but are not always reliable. There is also a delay between the milk hitting the right temperature and the thermometer’s read out, so there is a degree of subjectivity involved, meaning that the coffee from your favourite coffee shop can vary in quality from one day to the next.”

To solve the problem, Andronicas is bringing a revolutionary product to the UK market, which will guarantee the perfect milk temperature every time.

The Latte Pro, a new milk frothing jug which does not require the use of a stick thermometer, will be available to both professional baristas and home coffee drinkers alike, and is already transforming the way Australians experience coffee. An LCD display on the unit instantly reads the ideal temperature to serve milk for any style of coffee.

The wonder product will be officially unveiled by Andronicas at the London Coffee Festival on 12 April.

“The Latte Pro gets right to the nub of the problem of inconsistent milk temperature, and we are extremely proud to be the UK’s only distributer,” said Mr Knight. “We can’t wait to showcase it at the London Coffee Festival, so that people can experience first-hand what a game changer this really is.”

The study also revealed that 42% consider the quality of the coffee beans integral to their perfect cup of coffee, with a further 29% stating that the freshness of the beans used were the most important factor.

“Alongside the Latte Pro, we will also be sharing our renowned Signature Blend with visitors to the festival,” added Mr Knight. “Coupled with milk at the perfect temperature, we believe that only our premium roasted beans produce the perfect cup of coffee.”

The Latte Pro touches down in the UK for the very first time next week, and will be showcased by Andronicas at The London Coffee Festival on 12-15 April, which is set to be attended by over 30,000 visitors.