A vaccine is now sweeping our nation, but how can we regain our customers’ trust and ensure our financial futures when uncertainty is around every corner? Simple but necessary changes in hygiene practise, including taking away unnecessary equipment, is vital. Preventing cross-contamination for both dietary needs and now for personal safety is crucial in our steps forward in hospitality and creating a safe, comfortable environment that our customers can trust!


The Latte Pro has been quietly revolutionising home brewing during the pandemic, creating the authentic barista experience for everyone, from the safety of our homes.

During a time when the war on mental health has been pushed to the forefront of all our minds, self-care is even more important.

Whether taking a break from the pressures of homeschooling our future generations or fighting on the front line against Covid 19, more and more of us are reaching for our coffee machines and the dopamine-releasing magic of Coffee.

An advanced milk frothing jug, the Latte Pro features an integrated, liquid crystal thermometer mixing hygienic function with a cool modern design. Compatible with all coffee machines and steaming wands both at home and in our favourite establishments the Latte Pro removes any need for extra thermometers and equipment, removing the risk of any cross-contamination between equipment and product.

Available in 3 different sizes and colours, all with a deep, angled spout. The spout indentation and capacity give clear milk measures, making low wastage an achievable target.