The original Arabic word for coffee means ‘wine of the bean’ and choosing a coffee to your personal taste can seem just as complex as choosing the right wine. To help you decide, we’ve given each of the coffees on our list acidity and body ratings.

  • Region of origin strongly influences every coffee’s unique flavour profile. If you enjoy one Brazilian coffee for example, you are likely to appreciate other coffees from that region.
  • Acidity ranges from very smooth (rated 1) to bright and tangy (rated 5)
  • Body ranges from a light mouth feel (rated 1) to full (rated 5)
  • Roast the roasting time you choose depends very much on your taste. A full City roast will maximise the coffee’s taste profile without disguising its finer points. As the length of roasting time increases, the inherent flavours of the bean become less apparent. With a Dark or Burnt roast, the gourmet flavours of these speciality beans are eclipsed by the roasting flavours.