Andronicas 1849 Signature Blend Coffee Bag 1kg (4 * 250 grams) Coffee


  • Rich & Full Bodied – Aromatic Coffee with a rich full body yet a clean finish.  
  • Content : 1 Kg – ANDRONICAS Fresh Coffees are the finest quality – roasted to perfection and ready for you to enjoy.
  • Medium Grind 100% Pure Arabica Coffee – Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Initially created and named 1849 for Harrods’ 150th anniversary.
  • UNIQUE TASTE : Made from a blend of arabica beans from Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia & Ethiopia.
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For centuries coffee has been regarded as the nectar of the gods. To deserve this epithet, every process from bean selection to brewing must be carried out with the utmost care and expertise.The journey into the world of exquisite coffee begins at the estate where the coffee cherries are grown. At Andronicas we

work with individual plantations, combining our knowledge with their growing expertise to produce some of the most highly regarded beans in the coffee world. We’ve honed our own coffee menu to offer only the very best, and often rarest, coffees in the world. We buy green (or pre-roasted) beans and keep them this

way until the last possible moment. Once the bean is roasted the freshness clock starts ticking. To savour the delicious nuances of an exotic coffee at its freshest, it must be enjoyed within two weeks of roasting. Coffee is about individual taste, and your personal preference will depend on many factors. Take a look at our tips overleaf to help you make the right choice. Our personal passion for excellent coffee has evolved over 30 years of selecting beans and working on the roasting process. The final stage in ensuring you have the perfect drink is to brew it correctly; follow our pointers in “Bringing out the besting your beans”.Through our Coffee Connoisseurs’ Club, we’ll take you on a journey of taste from coffee enthusiast to coffee aficionado. You’ll develop an understanding of the variables that go to make the perfect cup. You’ll explore new coffees and discover the ones that you enjoy the most. As your appreciation unfolds, it is our ambition that Andronicas World of Coffee will help you savour the glorious taste of the nectar of the gods at its very best.


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