Astoria Sabrina Coffee Machine With free Jug Rinser




  • Manual switch for semiautomatic brewing
  • Automatic water refill (A.W.R.)
  • Automatic hot water
  • Electronic cup-warmer
  • Control light for water level check
  • White lights on the side panels
  • Ergonomic filterholders
  • Mixed hot water
  • Led lighting of the workspace


As well as being fitted with cutting-edge electronic brewing aids, the Sabrina also has a premium internal plumbing system. Underneath its curved façade is a high-grade copper boiler and thermally stable piping, which work in unison to ensure that temperatures are kept constant at all times. By creating a stable environment, fluctuations that can negatively affect extraction are removed.

Fully electronic, the Astoria Sabrina comes with raised group heads as standard. The extra clearances mean that it can accommodate a wide range of large-capacity paper takeaway cups. Fold-out trays are also fitted.

Also, the Astoria Sabrina is available in two versions: Standard and Touchscreen. With two distinct colour options: black and metallic brown.


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