Astoria Coffee Machine Core 600 (2 Group)


Book Now: £1000 advance deposit. 

  • Versions from 2 GR (excluding Compact)
  • Auxiliary features for coffee dispensing
  • Astoria ergonomic filter holders
  • Boiler electronic programming/pressure control
  • Thermo-syphon circulation hydraulic circuit (CTS)
  • 3.5” touch capacity display
  • Button operated water dosed
  • Electronically controlled cup warmer
  • Automatic filling of boiler (AEA)

Core reinterprets the elegance of Astoria through simple lines and a modern shape that makes it immediately recognizable. With Core, the Italian tradition of espresso coffee is sublimated into a functional design object that can become the protagonist in every environment. Astoria’s heart beats inside Core600, a blend of tradition, technology and passion for espresso. With Core, espresso has a new design.


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