Storm Standard SAEP Multiboiler version – Barista Atttitude


The Storm coffee machine is a mix of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. With Storm, a barista is free to express themselves and their own experimentation skills through simple and comfortable actions. 


The Storm coffee machine is the result of values that were believed to have been lost. Delivering coffee is at the center of every aspect.

The baristas’ skills will have the opportunity to deliver the finest espresso experience.
The relationship between who operates the coffee machine and who enjoys a cup of coffee is revolutionized: the barista who, with almost maniacal dedication, has control over every aspect of the brewing process with the Storm espresso machine

2 cool to the touch steam wands. 1 mixed hot water outlet.

An AWR, 5” display for each group,

LED lighting of the workspace, an electronic cup-warmer,

“Barista Attitude”, the steam system features; Superdry & Steam Boost.

Stylish wooden filter-holders finish off this piece of art and engineering is ready to adorn the bars of the world’s finest espresso joints.

2 steam wands, 1 mixed hot water outlet ; AWR, 5” display for each group, led lighting of work space, electronic cup-warmer, steam wands “Barista Attitude”, steam system “Superdry”, Steam Boost (SB), wooden filter-holders, built-in motor pump.

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